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Greetings from Global Me Teachers Kristina, Cristian, Alina, Phong & Nil

Global Me teachers 2012:
Alina (Romania), Nil (Turkey), Cristi (Romania), Kristina (Bulgaria) and Phong (Vietnam)

Experience- Laanila school!
Kristina Ginina
It made me very good impression when I saw all of these great students. I have to confess that they have great drawing skills and this helped a lot for our lessons. We had a lot of activities for every school related to drawing but Laanila was the best one in this attitude. It was really nice to discuss with them in groups different topics and videos. I saw that all of them really like to travel. Some of them were shy, but some of them were very active. In general, I enjoyed my classes with this school. It was special for us because it was the last school for teaching in our program. Last global.me course was very emotional for all of us. Students were very kind and told us really nice words for goodbye. I hope next year global.me project to be again included in the program of the students.

Hintantie 66, or my thoughts on teaching in Laanilan lukio.
Cristian Şandru
It was an intense experience. I was almost as shy as our pupils the first day we met. By the end of our first class it was clear that the shyness was short-lived. The rest of the times when we worked together made for some engaging moments. We got to know each other better, we exchanged some knowledge about our countries of origin and we got deeper into the themes of the course.
I will remember how easy it was to work with everyone, due to their interest towards the topics at hand. I will remember how talented most of them are at drawing and how responsible and mature they are for their age. Looking back at my high-school years, I wish I would have done more with my time back then.
I am thankful for every second spent together with our pupils inside – as well as outside - the walls of our classroom!
May you enjoy the rest of the school year as you enjoyed the time spent with us!
Carve a great future for yourselves!

The Laanila Experience
Alina-Florina Buchi
The course we delivered at Laanilan Lukio was very fulfilling for all of us. The students were a bit shy at the beginning, but eager to know more about global issues and to express themselves in English. Some were very good at drawing and extremely creative. Every time  there was something surprising about an assignment that they had to complete in class. I am very happy that the students felt this course helped them and that they appreciated our teaching methods given that we used games, videos, creative exercises and a lot of team work. It was nice to teach in such a class and I am extremely glad that I had the opportunity of meeting and knowing better some wonderful people. If you come to Romania, feel free to contact meJ. I will fondly remember all of my students and I truly hope that I will see them in the future. I am sure that they have a great future in store for them. Thank you for the amazing experience and for offering me the opprotunity to pass forward the knowledge I had acquired. I wish we had more classes together and I am proud to say that I had such good students.

Phong Nguyen Tuan
Lannila is one of my favorite schools that I taught, almost students are really smart, creative and talkative enough to support for our discussion activity during lecturers. I was really happy and enjoyable great time with them in school.  Also, teachers helped us a lot in collecting some teaching stuffs as flipcharts, markers and so on. They were really welcomed us at the first time we came, special with global.me announcement on TV at school entrance. We were so glad to see it and really happy at all. In general, we had the good ever time for teaching Global me course in Oulu.

Nil Deniz Cidanli

OMG Laanila!
Jaaaaj, It is Wednesday again!
From the first day onwards, I knew that we have the coolest students here! In the beginning they were all shy (so do I), but after couple of courses these guys were just creating awesome ideas all the time. They kept silence many times but when they were talking they were telling so impressive things. As individuals, all of these guys have very different and interesting personalities. I am proud of being know the students in Laanila. Not only as students but also as friends they were all great. I am sure that we will be keeping in touch and meet in the future with many of them.
You rock guys!

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