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Global Me course at Laanila High

Laanila High School students with their Global Me teachers in October 2012

Global.me Course Topics

1.     Introduction Course (All / 10 October)

2.     Globalization (Kristina, Nil, Phong / 17 October)
·        immigration/emigration     
·        refugees
·        poverty
·        religion
·        economic crisis

3.     Human rights (Alina, Phong, Kristina / 31 October)
·        work slaves
·        child slaves/soldiers
·        women rights
·        child rights
·        human bride trafficking
·        gendercide

4.     Population crisis (Cristi, Nil, Alina / 7 November)
·        Overpopulation vs. aging population
·        Food - GMOs
·        water/ resources, conflicts

5.     Global warming (Cristi, Nil, Alina / 14 November)
·        biodiversity
·        renewable energy vs. fossil fuels
·        new types of pollution (light pollution)

6.     Global (natural) disasters (Cristi, Phong, Kristina / 21 November)
·        Apocalypse games
·        oil spills, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc

7.     Final Course (All / 28 November)

Contact details: globalme_oulu2012 @yahoo.com
Globalme Oulu/facebook

Global Me project's own homepage: http://globalme.org/wordpress/

Global.me project aims at providing high quality global education course for the Finnish upper secondary school students (age from 16 to 19). The project echoes the Finnish national objective of global education, which is “expanding global education in formal education” (Global Education 2010 programme, Ministry of Education, Finland).
The project endeavours to preserve and enrich the multiculturalism and culture diversity among the youth in Finland. Global.me course fits in the objective of the culture and art programme by bridging the world and Finland, especially at the school level. In our vision, we aim for building a tolerant, multicultural society, where all people can live in harmony. In correspondence with the vision, global.me project sets our mission as helping young people to understand the global world and bring internationalization to upper secondary schools.
The core activity of global.me Projektiyhdistys ry is to provide a  7-8 weeks global education course for the schools around Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä and Oulu. The global.me project brings a group of passionate teachers from all over the world into the classrooms.
Objectives of the project
  • Expand the understanding about the world and global issues among Finnish youth
  • Increase tolerance among Finnish youth
  • Increase self-expression of the Finnish youth
  • Improve the possibilities of Finnish upper secondary schools in remote areas to gain international experiences.
  • Bring interactive teaching drama methods to Finnish schools

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