keskiviikko 28. syyskuuta 2016

Global Me Course at Laanila 2016

Meet the new Global Me teachers at Laanila High School!

Alexandre from Brazil and Rezia from Switzerland!

Course content
Global.me course aims to preserve and enrich the multiculturalism and cultural diversity among the youth in Finland, helping the students aware of the globalization in the world, and promote the sustainable development in their daily life. Throughout this course, we want to create an impact on the students’ knowledge, attitude and skills in relation to global education. 

The objectives of the course are:
  • To expand the understanding about the world and global issues among Finnish youth
  • Increase tolerance and self-expression among Finnish youth
  • Improve the possibilities of Finnish upper secondary schools to gain international experiences
  • Improve students’ English proficiency (both written and spoken skills)

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